Enjoy These Perks When You Upgrade to a Satellite TV Service

Your television and entertainment options at home can meet all of your family’s needs if you choose to upgrade to a satellite television service. Opting for a satellite TV service gives you much more than just television channels and movies. Here are the extra perks you could enjoy if you go with a satellite service for your home entertainment needs.

Streaming Services Integration

First, customers of satellite television services can typically enjoy full streaming services within their TV. There are numerous popular streaming services, and it’s a hassle to have to log into individual subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime on a device or computer and follow tons of extra steps to get your programs to cast to your television. With many top satellite services, you can simply access your streaming subscriptions directly through your television remote.

Voice Remotes

Next, upgrading to a satellite television service also gives you the option to get a voice-activated remote control. A voice remote gives you and your family an easy, instant way to access programs and other functionality for your satellite service. You can use your voice to search for shows and use your remote to navigate the menu or program guide.

DVR Options

With a satellite service like DISH Network, subscribers can also take advantage of digital video recording or DVR. Favorite shows can be recorded and watched at a later time when it’s more convenient. If you’re torn between watching two shows at the same time, you don’t have to choose anymore. You can just set your DVR up to record and watch them both on your own time.

Hundreds of Channels

Satellite television customers also get access to hundreds of channels. Many satellite packages include local channel programming, which has primetime shows, local news, and regional sports games. Additionally, people who subscribe to a television service get live programs from a variety of channel types, including children’s programming, movie channels, reality-style TV, news, and educational documentary-style shows.

Custom Premium Packages

It’s also possible to create a customized channel lineup package that fits you and your family’s preferences. Satellite television providers can design a package around the types of shows you and your family love. For example, you can choose to subscribe to premium sports channels that allow you to watch all NFL games or all NBA games. Some subscribers can design their custom lineup around a love of movies and subscribe to channels that offer the latest releases in cinema.

Access to Pay Per View Events

Pay per view events are also easy to find and order if you have a satellite television service. Pay per view is the home of special programming, such as boxing or UFC fights. Many pay per view services also allow customers to order brand new movies that haven’t been released to any television channels.

High-Speed Internet

The last bonus you get if you subscribe to a satellite service for your television needs is high-speed internet. For many services today, they may offer a package deal that includes your internet connection within your television lineup package. You can customize the speed of your internet service to match how much streaming and surfing your family expects to do. Choosing these two services together can help you get exactly what you need and make it less likely you and your family will experience service slowdowns.

Getting exactly what you need and finding the right home entertainment service is challenging today with so many different options. The sheer mass of different choices regarding the internet, streaming services, and subscription cable companies can be confusing. Choosing a bundled service provider, such as a satellite television company, can streamline the process and make it easier to get what you need.