Ending The Debate Today – Blue Filter Glasses vs Apps

There’s quite a lot of debate on whether blue filter glasses are better than blue filter apps. Are they? Before we lead you to the answer to that, you need to know the significance of blue filter glasses or apps in the first place. The reason is the demon called blue light. It is a damaging light that can lead to eye strains, insomnia, and terrible diseases like macular degeneration.

How Blue Filter Glasses and Apps Work

Blue filter glasses block all the blue light that comes from artificial sources. These can be the electronic devices you use or even fluorescent lighting. The glasses may have a coating or lenses specially made to do the job.

Blue filter apps, on the other hand, work in two ways. One kind of blue filter apps doesn’t let the blue pixels emit light. They make sure the colours emitted are warmer tones that don’t hurt the eyes. Another kind of apps, which are more common, use a method of a transparent overlay. This method creates a layer of yellow, orange or red tones on your screen. Thus, reducing the blue light emission.

The Problem of Contrast

Most blue filter apps increase the contrast of colours and cause colour distortion. Now, this is a problem as it makes it harder for the human eye to focus on elements. When your eyes use their muscles and try to focus despite the distortion, it is highly strenuous. The inconvenience demotivates people from using these apps for more than a couple of days and weeks.

What About Artificial Lights?

Even if you are ready to experience the strains that blue filter apps can cause, a question of whether it’s worth it will always be there in your mind. The reason being, that a big chunk of blue light is also emitted from fluorescent lighting which we all use at a large extent. Apps only work on devices. They can’t help you against the blue light that’s emitted from lamps and bulbs.

Blue filter glasses, on the contrary, can be used all day long as they sit on your eyes causing no inconvenience. Thus, they block the blue light emitted from artificial lighting as well.


Apps Aren’t Everywhere.

Do you use a single electronic device all day long? We guess not. Almost every working person in today’s era has an average of two devices that emit blue light – one phone and a computer or laptop. Some even spend their evenings enjoying a show on TV. A movie in the theatres or at a friend’s place keeps happening now and then. Now, wonder if you can install apps in all the devices you use in these circumstances. That’s impossible. While you can ensure installing apps on your phone or laptop, you can’t do that on the TV or a friend’s device.

Blue filter glasses stand out in such a scenario. As they stay with you on your eyes day in and day out, you don’t have to worry about blue light emission from any source at all.


So, you see, blue filter apps are not as effective and convenient to use as blue filter glasses. While they are the cheaper option, they are not of much use. Also, your eyes deserve extreme care and thus leaving them on the mercy of apps is not appreciable.

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