Do You Enjoy Texting as Much as I Do?

I have had my mobile phone for a long time now. I have it for a few reasons. The possibility to send and receive short messages on my mobile phone has always been appealing to me as this is what I like to do in my spare time. I cannot imagine how my life would look like if I did not have a way to send and receive text messages on my mobile phone. I do it so often that I cannot imagine my life without it. I also receive many messages per day. I do not mind if somebody sends me a message as a form of text marketing as I enjoy reading every message I happen to receive on my mobile phone.

Tell me the truth, how would your life look like without text messages and the possibility to send or even receive them? I cannot believe that people in the past used to live without mobile phones. People in the past had no idea about mass texting as marketing tools were very limited in the past.

A lot has changed for the last 20 years. Maybe life was possible without mobile phones in the past, but it is definitely not possible today. I would like to write a few words about something called mobile marketing. It turns out that there are some applications that make sending text messages via websites possible. This is what mobile phone marketing is all about. If you choose mobile marketing to be your preferred form of marketing, you need to find a way to send thousands of messages at once. Sending messages manually would simply not be effective.