Defragmenting is a process that refers to reducing the amount of fragmentation in file systems. Defragmentation can be done for several reasons, and here are some facts to remember about it:

• Defragmenting can increase the life-span of your HDD, as it will be easier for your hard drive to find data. Increasing the life-span of your HDD will ultimately save you money, if you will not need a larger HDD for a few years.
• This process can increase the free space on your drive, as it can store files together, creating some free space. This way you will be taking full advantage out of your hard drive.
• Some programs will work faster if your disk is properly defragmented, as it will take less time to access the required data. Personally, I recommend defragmenting your disk on a weekly or monthly basis, in order to keep your computer in a good shape. You will notice a performance boosts in some programs if you regularly defragment your HDD.
• There are programs, which automatically defragment hard drives on your PC when your computer is idle. It is up to you whether you think it is worth spending money on such a program. If you often forget about defragmenting your HDD, then such programs can be very useful to you.

Taking care of your PC on a regular basis is a good habit, and defragmenting is one the best ways to take care of your HDD. Overall, defragmenting increases the lifespan of hard drives and can boost performance in certain programs.