Data Recovery Solution with EaseUS Data Recovery

Data recovery software are crucial. Most of them work pretty well, but that after you pay a handful of money. There are free programs as well, but don’t expect them to bring back your file in one piece. In most cases, the freeware programs recover files corrupted and leaving them even more messed up. However, there are perfectly working software as well. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is a market winner for data recovery. However, this software is offered in both free and paid versions. The free version is limited to recovering only 1 GB of data and later on the users have to pay for the Wizard or Wizard Pro version.

Easily recover files from a storage media

EaseUS Data Recovery wizard supports all available types of data storage media. Typical storages like USB storage devices or memory cards are supported, as well as device mounted memory chips like the storages on MP3 players, cameras, cellular phones are also supported as well.

The recovery process is a three step operation. During the first step, the users are asked to select the file type. On the second step, the list of recoverable files in the user defined drive is shown with their previews in a thumbnail. And the last step is recovering those files into the user defined directory. It takes a reasonable amount of time, depending on the amount of files that needs to be processed.

Data Remanence on Hard Drives

Hard drives are basically magnetic storage devices. They store data in a method different than memory cards or USB flash drives. The disks are sensitive to magnets; data is written and read through magnetic strips as well. However, there are many clusters inside the drive and data is evenly distributed over the space. When a file is deleted, the ferromagnetic properties of the diskettes store the file for quite a long time. The directories get deleted though; hence the files can’t be accessed via the operating systems. To recover files from hard drive , only some specialized software can find the files and rebuild them using the available pieces and provide a new directory for access; software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

For other types of storage though, the methods are quite different. Those memory chips are fabricated on silicon chips, making it an entirely different procedure. However,  this doesn’t make files on those devices any less recoverable.
Popular Reasons for Data Loss

Apart from deleting by the user themselves, there are few reasons popular with computer users for accidental deletion of data. Even intentional deletion can sometimes fall into the accidental deletion group. Many users often delete files in a bunch and end up deleting some files they really need.

Apart from that, partitioning hard drive is another reason why data gets lost. Formatting the drive or resizing the partition without knowing can directly result into losing important files. Sometimes the operating system might render a hard drive partition inaccessible due to some errors.

Whatever may be the reason, file recovery is possible using EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.


No matter how difficult the situation is, most likely EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will get through it. For better results, using the Wizard or Wizard Pro over the free distributed version is highly recommended.