Considerations for Night Work in Construction

When it comes to construction, maintaining the project schedule is critical. Your clients expect you to deliver the completed facility according to the terms of a contract. Failure to meet the schedule can be costly to you as a contractor. Unpredictable weather and pandemic-related issues may require you to take steps to mitigate delays and setbacks. Working at night is one way for construction companies to meet contractual obligations. Here are some things to consider.

Let There Be Light

Crew members must be able to see what they’re doing in order to complete work safely. As a foreman or superintendent, you’ll need to think about how the job site is lit. What type of illumination works best? How many lights do you need and where will you put them? You’ll need a lighting plan that answers these questions. A complete plan will include everything from construction light towers Washington to lights that are mounted on hard hats.

Nighttime Safety

Night work requires increased awareness and proactiveness for safety. Besides illumination requirements, as a leader, you’ll need to watch out for things like worker fatigue, cooler working temperatures, and the low visibility that may impact other entities, such as drivers for road construction. Take a look at what night workers need for safety, including personal protective equipment and breaks, and incorporate them into your plan

Noise Control

Noise is an important issue, especially for night shifts. If you’re working in an area that’s near homes, think carefully about noise control. Look into equipment with lower operating volumes, if possible. Sounds help alert workers to hazards and changing conditions, so it’s important to balance site safety and awareness of the surrounding community,

Night work is a part of construction, especially when it comes to maintaining or recovering the schedule. It’s your responsibility to prepare your workers and your job site. From proper illumination to safety to noise control, it’s important to have a complete plan ahead of time.