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Pros of Purchasing Used Office Furniture

Whether you are renovating, relocating or furnishing your office space for the very first time, you’ll need office furniture. While the immediate temptation may be to go out and buy some brand new desks, chairs and cabinets, the savvy business decision is to first go and look at used office furniture indiana. There are many pros to buying used office furniture, and we’ll go over each of those below.

Save Money

One of the most obvious pros is also one of the most beneficial. Saving money on any purchase is something every successful business learns to do at one point or another. In order to stay successful as a business and have a healthy bottom line, your business has to make a habit of pulling the trigger on budget-friendly decisions that can have a positive impact. Thankfully, buying used office furniture is exactly that. You can get a great deal on nearly new furniture that’s only been used a handful of times when you negotiate with used office furniture sellers.

Environmentally Friendly

A lesser-known benefit of buying used office furniture is the positive effect it has on the environment. Manufacturing and shipping brand new furniture takes up natural resources and can add extra pollutants into the air. Not only that, throwing away used equipment that still functions at a high level is a waste of materials and only leads to filling up landfills at a quicker rate. Buying used extends the shelf life of the product and keeps our landfills cleaner.

Higher Quality Brands

One of the other really great pros to going after used office equipment is that there are higher quality items that might now fall into your price range. This is especially relevant when you’re looking for something with a custom look or you want a higher quality chair to keep you cushioned for the long hours you’ll be spending in the office.

Top 6 Digital Report Tools to Save Time and Money

What could be better than a chart that reflects that the campaign was successful? However, data analysis, especially, if done manually, always takes a lot of time and there is always a risk of making a mistake.

Fortunately, today there is no need to waste time making all charts and graphs manually and assembling them into a single report. There are many tools that will save specialists’ time, automatically compile reports, and deliver them to clients. If you are not using such tools yet, then it’s time to fix this mistake.

Top 6 Digital Reporting Tools

On average, marketing specialists spend more than four hours per client each month. This is not about consulting, but working with numbers and writing reports. This may seem like a normal time spent, but let’s take a closer look at the situation.

Forbes has researched that digital reporting and automation tools may save your employees 6 working weeks of time per year (if we take 40 working hours per week as the starting point). In monetary terms, your savings may reach $4 million per year (if you have 500 or more employees). 

Now you have clearly seen the need for such tools. There are both paid and free applications on the market. The following tools will enable you to streamline your workflow and save you money on labor costs.

1. Whatagraph

This app comes first in our list since it has the highest ratings from users. This tool is one of the leading apps for those who want to understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Whatagraf allows you to prepare all the reports with a single solution, and your clients will also be aware of each stage of work. Go to to check that all reports can be viewed in real-time, and you can also configure automatic sending of reports. Each report can be customized based on design preferences. Thus, clients receive informative reports in an easy and fun way.


  • Powerful support service, ease of use, and prompt results;
  • The ability to integrate with other working platforms;
  • An email notification that the report is ready to use.


  • Simple design – many users say the tool lacks having more design possibilities.

2. NinjaCat

This application allows you to track the performance of marketing activities, SEO, and advertising campaigns. Within the platform, you can make PPC reports. This is a good solution when you need to constantly be in touch with clients and send them reports. On this platform, you can track performance across all channels, you can filter all results, and so on. It is a one-stop solution for marketers and agencies.


  • This software integrates with ad platforms;
  • The ability to manage customer reports in one place, as well as generate concise reports;
  • User-friendly interface.


  • Reporting delays, if there are a lot of them on one day.
  • Data errors often occur in a case of reports overloading.

3. Google Analytics

This is a free service that is designed to get web analytics. This tool will allow you to collect the information received in reports. The service includes more than 100 types of reports and many options to customize analytics depending on the project. It is an indispensable tool for anyone who manages and promotes websites, as well as for developing and evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


  • Powerful web site analytics that integrates with Google Ads;
  • Constantly updated with new features and designs;
  • Ability to create goals and conduct marketing campaigns.


  • Relatively outdated interface;
  • It takes 2-3 days to get the required data;
  • If you are a complete beginner, it will take a while before mastering this tool.

4. Mention

This is a modern media monitoring tool. The platform allows you to understand what is fashionable and demanded on the web. The tool is available in more than 40 languages, making it available worldwide. Also, the app can gather analytics on the time spent on the site, research the audience’s mood, and so on. Each team member gets access to the application and can easily get all the data and information they need. Mention can be accessed from a mobile or web app and can integrate with other tools.



  • Ease of use and availability of support;
  • The ability to always stay on top of all processes in real-time;
  • Ability to view multiple data simultaneously.


  • You need to manually search for some platforms, even if you have used them before;
  • The software might skip some articles.

5. CoverageBook

This software helps you create, schedule, and analyze reports. The tool will also allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns thanks to powerful analytics. The app will save you time working with reports. It is possible to edit the information if necessary. Reports can be shared on any device. Accordingly, the application opens access to multiple users. All reports can be classified according to certain criteria. The app also provides insights into market trends, the impact of content and SEO on campaigns, and more.


  • Ease of use, staff quickly learn how to use the software;
  • Availability of customer support.


  • Pop-up ads cannot be blocked.

6. Cyfe

This tool is a business dashboard for monitoring and analyzing data that comes from different sites or departments. This software allows you to get a complete picture of how the business works. All information can be monitored in real-time. This reduces the number of reports for clients as they become able to discover what is happening with their campaigns right now. The software has a free package that is suitable for small businesses and startups.


  • Ease of use and the ability to quickly train your staff;
  • Availability of automatic reporting;
  • High-speed data updating.


  • Lack of ability to sync with other financial applications;
  • Slightly outdated software interface.

The Final Words

In this article, you have seen the best digital reporting tools on the market today. Now you don’t need to spend so much time creating a high-quality report. Of course, reporting documentation is very important for business analytics and strategies development but why complicate the process when everything can be facilitated without loss of quality.

The Active Approach to Reaching Your Clients

The real estate market is full of buyers and sellers, and it takes more than simple marketing to stand out among them and connect to potential clients. Real estate prospecting is the alternative to waiting for clients to respond to ads—finding and pursuing leads and actively establishing yourself in the community. The methods of doing so vary, but all of them give you a better shot than waiting for someone to stumble on one of your ads.

Starting Your Outreach

Whatever your methods, you can’t start prospecting without having something to show people. A strong digital presence is key for digital marketing, but it also plays a major role in prospecting these days—a business website, social media profile, directory listing and online reviews give leads a way to learn more about you and what you offer. You also want an established network as a way of finding your first leads. Friends, family and colleagues can help you with referrals and connecting people to you, and attending community events lets you put your name out there.

Scale of Prospecting

Making a sale eventually becomes a one-on-one relationship, but you don’t have to start prospecting with such a laser-targeted approach. Strategies for prospecting exist at scales anywhere from personal to community-wide, from mailing out postcards and putting up fliers to going door-to-door or calling up individual listings. Even at larger scales, though, your message should have an air of personality to them. Do research and consider what message you want to send out.

A Confident Approach

Success depends on persistence, understanding the other party and forming relationships. Getting discouraged by prospecting failure is understandable, but don’t give up if you don’t immediately get a client. Avoid putting on early pressure to sign up; instead, approach leads warmly and confidently. Make sure to follow up on any leads that respond so that you can continue towards that client relationship. If it helps you, create basic scripts on what you want to go over with them.

The realtors that take initiative are often the ones that most reliably find clients. By researching the market and taking the first step with leads, you can be more certain to find someone in need of your business.

Tips for Choosing the Best Expert Witness

Expert witnesses, such as an expert witness banking, provide legal teams and juries with information that helps them understand the details of a legal case. However, choosing the right witness is an art. You see, you want a witness that provides unbiased opinions and information based on scientific data and methods that support your argument and is persuasive to the jury.

Experience and Knowledge

Not only should your prospective witnesses have significant knowledge of and experience in their fields, but they should also have experience with the legal process. Find out whether your witnesses have previous experience as witnesses in legal cases. However, witnesses who are seen too often in court may negatively affect your case because the jury may assume that they can be hired by anyone and adapt the data to prove their side’s point.

Communication Skills

Your witness should be an outstanding communicator. Not only do witnesses need to explain possibly complicated information and processes, but they need to do so in a manner in which the lay person without any knowledge of the field or industry can understand.

These individuals must also be comfortable speaking to groups. Therefore, check for public speaking experience. For example, those who serve as professors or present at conferences will be poised, confident and clear on the witness stand.

Personal Characteristics

Your witness should not appear arrogant. Witnesses should be personable. The jury should like them as people and want to believe and even defend them against the opposition.


Your expert witness may initially just provide you with information so you understand the intricacies of specific laws or practices. However, if your witness will be deposed and questioned during the trial, the expert may be spending significant time on your case. You should discuss the required time commitment with prospective witnesses prior to hiring them so they can determine if they have the time available to spend on your case.

Your victory may depend on hiring the right expert witness. Therefore, do your research and spend time on the hiring process. Hire the witness who will best prove your case.

What You Should Know About Captives

Captive insurers are insurance companies that are owned by those they insure. These companies are started to meet specific uninsured or costly insurance needs of their insured owners. Although it may seem like a relatively new concept, the captive insurance industry has been around since the 1940s and was targeted for extensive regulation by the IRS in the 1970s.

Traditional Insurance

Traditional insurance provides coverage to almost any person or industry based on an underwritten review. Their purpose is to mitigate losses, but these losses are general and shared among industries or individuals. Traditional insurance companies’ clients do not own the company and they pay specific premiums based on their underwritten review of their risks. These companies typically handle large losses.

Captive Insurance

Captives are a private insurance companies started for a specific purpose by the people or companies they insure. These companies provide alternative risk financing. Because they are insurer owned, captives are customized to specific risks and industries. For example, they may only cover cybercrime, inclement weather or equipment failures for a specific construction company.

Captives are typically formed to provide supplemental insurance. In addition, these companies are typically small, so they are flexible and able to more easily react to market changes. Captives also provide an income source for their owners.

Captive Operations

Captives choose their partners carefully because the insureds’ assets are at risk. Therefore, these companies should have experienced underwriters, investors, auditors, claims management and legal support. In addition, a reinsurer may hold and manage the captive, but one or more committees may be set up to oversee the management team. Because captives are income sources, their management is crucial and must be monitored.

If you have areas in your company that you cannot insure through traditional insurance or if the cost of insuring these risks is too high, creating a captive may be an option. Not only can you supplement and customize your coverage, but you may also develop a new source of income.

How To Respond to an Active Shooter Situation

There were 417 mass shooting events in the United States in 2019. With high-profile mass shootings occurring in schools, workplaces and shopping centers, it has become more important than ever to have a plan in place to effectively respond to an active shooter situation.

Alert First Responders

As soon as it is safe to do so, call 9-1-1 and report the active shooter. If you have a cell phone, use it. If not, once you have evacuated the building, try to get to a public phone or a nearby business and ask them to let you use their phone or get them to call 9-1-1 for you. Some facilities have installed threat response solutions that utilize technology to quickly alert first responders. If you can safely access and know-how to activate this technology, use it. If you are responsible for a facility, you should ensure that the people using it know where and how to alert first responders during an active shooter event.


If there is an accessible escape route, try to evacuate the building. It helps if you already have an escape plan in mind before the event occurs. Employees should be trained on how to respond to an active shooter and made aware of the best escape routes. Customers and visitors will likely follow their lead. Do not try to take your stuff with you. Help others if you can, but if they refuse to evacuate, leave them behind. Do not attempt to move wounded people. Avoid entering areas where the active shooter may be. Keep your hands visible and follow instructions from any police officers you encounter.


If you can not evacuate and are already in a room with a lockable door when the event occurs, stay there and lock the door. If there is anything in the room you can barricade the door with, this may also help. If you are in a hallway, go to the nearest room and close the door. Lock it if you can. Shooters often pursue the easiest targets and may simply pass by rooms with locked doors, rather than try to break in. Avoid windows and try to find something you can hide behind or in. Silence your cell phone and any other source of noise.

Mass shooting events are still relatively rare occurrences; however, being prepared to effectively respond to one can save lives. Consider incorporating these strategies into your active shooter response plan.

What Factors To Focus on To Increase Industrial Facility Efficiency

While owning a business of any kind can be stressful, operating an industrial facility is a whole different type of challenge. The demands placed on your organization by clients, investors, and regulatory bodies can be intense. Luckily, there are many ways for you to adhere to these demands and still run an efficient facility. Paying attention to the most important aspects of your operations can shed light on the most immediate concerns. Consider these factors and learn how to make the best adjustments for the future of your business.

Energy Consumption

These days, sustainability is a big topic amongst consumers and business owners alike. With dwindling resources and environmental threats looming on the horizon, it is up to businesses of all sizes to focus on ways to contribute to sustainable solutions. Since industrial facilities consume a lot of energy in daily processes, finding new energy sources is key to your long-term success. Consider how switching to solar panels can help you meet new green guidelines and save some money along the way.

Equipment and Machinery 

Another key area to focus on when considering the efficiency of your industrial facility is the equipment you use in daily operations. When machinery becomes faulty or falls into a state of disrepair, it creates a number of new issues. Not only will your facility become less safe, it can also delay your operations significantly. To avoid this and see better results, look into replacing and repairing filling machines and equipment at the first sign of trouble. This will lower your facility’s risks of an accident and provide you with peace of mind.

Regulations and Standards

Though it might seem like a given, it is critical that you pay attention to the regulations put forth by organizations like OSHA. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration dictates the rules that your industry must follow. If you are unaware of a new regulation or have chosen not to adhere to a specific rule, it can lead to disastrous consequences. Stay mindful of these rules and why they are in place. This can help you avoid expensive fines and keep all of your employees in a safe and protected place. 

Though there are a number of pressing factors to focus on at any given time, giving yourself a chance to pay attention to the most important can be a lifesaver. Take a moment to assess the risks associated with your facility and discover how making a few small changes to your daily operations can yield a number of positive results.

3 Things To Consider When Reopening Your Store During the Covid-19 Era

Many states have granted permission for places to once again perform business; however, with that allowance also comes a responsibility. Proprietors are now responsible for thinking about the health and safety of their customers and staff. New regulations are in place, asking owners to re-evaluate operations, making changes as necessary to secure the facility.

1. Are You Allowing for Social Distancing?

The CDC encourages people to stay at least six feet apart to prevent the spread of germs. That can be hard to accomplish when people are trying to check out merchandise. Instill the importance of this in your employees and then set up reminders throughout the building. Place signs in prominent places, particularly heavily frequented sections. In areas where people wait for assistance, mark off the space using painters tape. These less evasive manners are gentle reminders that others can still shop while respecting guidelines.

2. Are You Ready To Handle New Cleaning Procedures?

Chances are you had a cleanup routine prior to the pandemic; however, it may require some revamping now. Sit down with the current CDC guidelines and state protocols. Design a clear checklist for everyone to use each night. You may even want to shut down an hour early to allow for the additional work. All counters and doors should be wiped, so stock up on cleaner and janitorial cleaning rags. You don’t want to run out of either. Consider purchasing air purifiers for the HVAC system or for rooms used frequently or for longer periods of time. In addition, anything that may have been handled a lot should be scrubbed before being placed back out for the next day.

3. Are Your Safeguarding Staff and Customers?

During certain points, the six feet rule just won’t work. How do you plan to handle those moments? Are employees going to wear a mask? Do shoppers adorn one too? You may want to encourage the action even if it’s not required. In addition, consider putting up a Plexiglas barrier at the purchase stations. Touchless checkouts are also an option to reduce interaction and speed up the face-to-face contact. You want to focus on minimizing exposure levels. That means moving through things as quickly as possible with little air distribution.

The world is different right now. To keep the doors open, it’s not just about product. It’s also about protection, so focus on what you as the owner can do to make others comfortable.


Making Money in Real Estate

The world of real estate investing is changing quickly and for those who are looking for the right investment property, it is important to know where the income is going to come from. Understanding how to make money through real estate investments is the first step in coming up with a strong plan. There are two ways to make money in the world of real estate. The first is through income and the second is through capital appreciation. What is the difference?

A Reliable Income Stream from Rent

The fist way to make money through real estate is to generate a steady income through rent payments. When looking for a property, it is important to think about how easy it will be to find long-term residents and how much money the property will make per month. Rent payments have to be large enough to cover not only the mortgage but also real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and potential repairs. Take a look at the rental market before investing.

Capital Appreciation from Real Estate

Next, it is important to take a look at the potential for capital appreciation as well. Capital appreciation takes place when the property value rises over time. For example, an investor might buy the property for $250,000 and then sell it for $350,000. Take a look at the market in the area. See what the average annual capital appreciation is for property in the region. This will help investors make the right decision when it comes to investments.

Find the Right Property for Real Estate Investing

This is how investors can make money through real estate. It is important to think about both income and capital appreciation. Both of these factors have to be present in order for real estate investors to generate a strong return on their investment.

Helpful Tips for Buying Kratom Online

Kratom isn’t new. However, it is a new product in some areas, like the U.S. You can find a massive selection of Kratom products, and there are different ways to use it. Also, you can find different strengths and variables, which impact how you use it.

If you are ordering Kratom online, you are faced with another task – choosing the best type and brand. While you can always choose a trusted brand like KratoMystic, it is also a good idea to know what to look for when you are making this purchase.  

Feedback from Past Customers

Just like when you purchase any other product, it is a good idea to look at the customer feedback before you purchase Kratom from anyone. This is going to help you determine if you have found a credible vendor regarding the products they offer.

Along with customer feedback, you can also request a sample product to try before you buy. Not all vendors offer this, but it is a good sign if they do. It means they believe in the product they offer.

Look at the Vendor’s License

You must look at the vendor’s license before you order from them. A licensed vendor will sell quality products to their customers. Be sure you always buy from a licensed seller (if possible). This will help ensure that the business you are working with is genuine and trustworthy.

Look at the Quality

Even a licensed vendor may sell a low-quality product. As a result, you need to consider the quality. If the product is sold for a very low price, there is likely a reason.

While Kratom is popular today, it is still essential that you take the time to find a quality product. The tips here will help you do this and ensure you get the best product for your money.