Adding Beauty to the Beach View With Deck and Dock Designs

First of all, think carefully about the materials you’ll be using. You can choose from pressure-treated wood, aluminum, composite, or modified wood. Then, consider how your finished product will impact the beach view. You may also want to consider building a bar-style seating area. The latter makes good use of space and creates a more relaxed area. Also, keep in mind that steps down to the dock can be slippery. Metal handrails can get freezing overnight, so you should consider using thick ropes instead of metal. These ropes can be wound around the posts several times, and they may look much better than metal handrails for the best decks and docks West Palm Beach.

Composite decking

Aside from adding beauty to the view, composite decking is also durable. Unlike conventional wood, it doesn’t warp or twist and doesn’t produce splinters. Its grain finish also makes it slip-resistant. A great choice for a beach house, composite decking adds beauty to the beach view. And since you’ll be spending so much on it, you might as well enjoy it while you’re doing it.

Modified wood

The new beach boardwalk at Laguna Seca, for example, has been replaced with a curving, wider structure made of modified wood. This type of wood offers significant environmental benefits. It is water-resistant and insect-resistant, plus it is barefoot-friendly and requires little maintenance. The new beach boardwalk has been designed to blend in with the surrounding beach view, while still allowing the beach lovers to enjoy their favorite pastime.

Pressure-treated wood

If you have a beautiful view of the ocean, a pressure-treated wood deck or dock design is the perfect way to enhance that view. These structures can last for many years with proper maintenance, but they must be treated on a yearly basis to keep them looking their best. Proper installation is essential, as is using corrosion-resistant screws and long-lasting water-repellent treatments.


Aluminum dock and deck designs can enhance the beauty of the view from your waterfront property. Unlike wood, aluminum is resistant to rust and is cooler in the sun. However, the surface of aluminum can become slippery if you walk on it. While bad weather may cause slick conditions in the summer, a wooden dock or an aluminum deck can easily get wet and become a hazard in the winter. Luckily, aluminum decks and docks can be cleaned with baking soda paste, wire brushes, or even pressure washing.

Y-shaped docks

A Y-shaped dock is a perfect way to add beauty to your waterfront property. These docks are practical and are built with natural timber that blends in well with the surrounding landscape. They are also low-maintenance, with a simple wooden walkway at one end that leads to a square dock with balustrades and mooring posts. This design has space for a chair and a small boat, and the open decking is a great place to relax and enjoy the view.

Container gardens

Container gardens can be a colorful works of art in the backyard. Two to three colors are best. Green is a no-brainer, but it’s best to stick to two or three of them. This way, you can change up the colors and textures of your container garden throughout the seasons. And because plants in individual containers receive ideal soil, watering regimen, and fertilizer, you can change them around without worrying about them not doing well.