Attributes of a Quality Power RF Component Company

When deciding on which company to purchase your power, RF components from, there are a few important factors to consider. The following are among the most important attributes.

The ability to design custom components
Approximately two-thirds of RF components are custom designs. It is therefore imperative that a firm offer custom design and manufacturing for your entire power RF component needs. This includes the full range of passive RF power components, including directional couplers, RF combiners and dividers.

The ability to design for rigid environmental conditions
This includes military specifications as well as commercial applications. By offering a full range of environmental conditions, you will avoid the need to look for a new vendor when your project requirements change.

In-house electrical testing capabilities
All units need to go through a certain amount of testing to insure their operating condition prior to shipping. This includes burn-in testing. By having this type of testing on-site, a company will be able to ship quality product from their factory.

Environmental testing capabilities
A good company will be able to perform thermo-shock testing in-house. Other important environmental tests include vibration, humidity, fungus and salt spray testing. Because of the specialized testing equipment involved, some of the environmental testing will be done in partnership with a subcontracted test facility. However, these tests will always be offered by a good power RF component supplier.

There are many companies that have the attributes listed above. Werlatone is one example. More information can be found if you click here.