An Overview About Mellanox Technologies


Mellanox technologies is the supplier of Ethernet and the InfiniBand system network switches and host bus adapters. It offers switches for the servers and storage space utilized in project data centers. It likewise creates its individual integrated circuits to sustain infiniband protocol. Mellanox provides interconnections products such as adapters, silicon, switches and software for variety of markets containing better performance computing, project data centers, financial facilities, web 2.0, storage services and cloud computing.

Solving Demanded Services:

The demand for additional computing energy, competence and scalability is continually accelerating in HPC, web 2.0, enterprise and cloud. To solve these demands, the Mellanox offers full end to end answers bearing infiniband and an Ethernet networking technologies. You can visit the solution pages to know how infiniband, Ethernet technology can get your particular solution to second stage of performance, price and power.

Manufacturing Products:

Mellanox is the fables semiconductor firm. The present generation of the chips is generated by Taiwan semiconductor industrialized corporation. In the year 2010, the Reuters defined mellanox as first switched fabric supplier for enterprise and HPC (high performance computing). Based on the same information, mellanox’s infiniband is quicker, more scalable and offers larger throughout than other interaction technologies.

The CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison explained the mellanox major infiniband technology as the most effective switch framework for operating enterprise data centers. The switchX is the multi protocol American Standard International codes which handles Ethernet and an infiniband traffic. It constructs on previous 90 nanometer structure of connectX technology initially produced by mellanox to hold both infiniband and Ethernet on single chip. The switchX is a 5th generation utilizing 40 nanometer methods along with the transistors of 1.4 billion on 45mm chip.

ConnectX-3 is the 10 or 40 GB Ethernet adapter for VMware Ethernet switch Xi 5.0 which gives effective protocol communicate, denoting it may operate 10, 40 GB Ethernet and infiniband up to 56 gigabyte per second from similar card. The connectX style has been explained as novel with wonderful performance which is well suitable for latest multi-core environments.

High Performance Computing and Storage:

The infiniband products of Mellanox for system clusters have been implemented in numerous leading 500 list of HPCs. Mellanox communicate solutions offer low-latency, high message rate, RDMA(remote direct memory access), high bandwidth, transfer offload for particularly less CPU overhead and advanced interactions offloads. They are utilized in big extent simulations and replacing low performance solutions. Mellanox’s scalable high performance computing communicate solutions are concerned ancestors to exascale computing via performance, scalability and efficiency.

Mellanox VPI (virtual protocol interconnect) and VSA (virtual storage acceleration) storage items enhance storage framework performance with lesser prices and difficulty contrasted to conventional storage networks. This output in good server use, raised application performance, lowered back up times, enlarged data center ease and consolidation, lesser power use and lesser TCO (total cost of ownership). Mellanox obtained above quarter of revenues from 2 big clients like Hewlett-Packard, IBM. The Intel Corporation reports above 2 percent of revenues.