A Brand New Search Engine

We all are used to some things: we tend to buy the same food over and over again, we go on holidays to the same places over and over again, and we use the same search engines without even thinking that much. What we sometimes might forget is that what we choose to do might not be the best option out there and that there are actually many alternatives to all the actions we perform every day.

I am excited every time I hear that somebody gives me an opportunity to try out new alternatives to some of the most popular things on the Internet. I am thinking here about Usersearch.org, which obviously seems to be the newest search engine on the Internet these days and they have plenty to offer. So, what makes them stand out from other search engines? There must be something that singles them out, yes? Otherwise I wouldn’t be willing to write about them in this post.

If you are concerned about your security on the Internet just like I am, you will be thrilled to learn that unlike Google and many other search engines out there, Usersearch.org doesn’t store your results and search queries. Each one of us has a right to privacy, and Usersearch.org upholds this right flawlessly. They are fully SSL encrypted, which makes them arguably the most secure search engine on the Web that is worth mentioning to your family and friends. You won’t be ashamed of your recommendation, which is always a plus in the eyes of your loved ones.

If you still use Google for some reason, don’t be fooled by them. You might be better off choosing a search engine that will protect your privacy better. You will have the peace of mind knowing that you are completely safe.

Being perfectly secure is not the only good think about the new search engine I am talking about. They are invaluable when it comes to helping you to find user profiles / emails / IP addresses or any other information that is available to the public on the Internet.

One of the nicest features of the search engine is its ability to locate user profiles on the Internet including email addresses. It can be a pretty useful feature allowing you to obtain plenty of info about one user and his profile. You would be surprised to know how publicly available your email address or somebody else’s address can be. You might as well take advantage of it and you can check any email address known to you: you can for example check if they are registered on any dating websites, what kind of social media circles they attend, etc. The list goes on and on. That’s one useful way to check what your boyfriend or girlfriend have been up to before you knew each other. But this is not where it ends. Thanks to the search engine, you can check any email address or profile you would like like your co-workers, teachers, or friends. It can be fun to know what their interests are and what they do in their spare time.