5 Side Jobs That Bring in a Good Second Income

You may wonder if there is anything you could do that pays pretty well. Sometimes one job isn’t enough. You may need to add in a second income when the bills add up. Believe it or not, some flexible, extra jobs supplement nicely. The following are five positions to consider.

1. Notary

A notary signs and certifies documents. This person can work for a company or do it on the side as a freelance agent. People come to you, or you go to them, verifying that they are who they say they are. Use the notary public stamps to seal the paperwork. This position is often in demand within communities and pays well per job.

2. Tutor

If you have solid qualifications, people can pay upwards of $40 an hour for you to tutor their kids or themselves. That’s not too shabby for going over math, writing, science or English. You should get along with others and be organized. Take on a few people during the week.

3. Delivery Driver/Shopper

Personal delivery and shopping have become popular. People are too busy to get to the store, so they are willing to pay reasonable prices to have others grab the milk and eggs. Work with a company, and receive hourly wages and tips.

4. Freelance Writer

The online market is ready for you if you can create content and proofread it. A freelance writer could make about $20 an hour or more. The price varies based on the company and your portfolio. Fit this one into the schedule at any time.

5. Graphic Designer

Many organizations rely on graphic designs to create their logos or images. If you have the skills, pick up some odd jobs around the community.

If you’re eager to pay for a vacation or need cash to cut down your bills, consider picking up a side job. Find something that fits your interests and timeframe.