5 Features of a Great Trade Show Display

When you participate in a trade show, you want to ensure your company and product have an unmistakable presence. The best way to make your presence known is with a standout display.

If you’re not sure how to create a display that stands out, here are a few tips. Take a look and see if any suit your company, and if so, you can get started on setting up the best tradeshow display Boston has ever seen.

Give Free Samples

A great way to get people to your booth is by offering free samples of your product. Samples can give your customer a real taste of what your product is. If they like the samples, there’s an excellent chance they’ll send more people your way.  

Hand Out Swag

Everyone loves swag, especially if it’s useful. So when setting up your booth, offer up free swag in the form of pens, notepads, or stress balls. In addition, providing guests with a functional item with your company’s logo is a great way to generate brand awareness.

Host a Giveaway

All trade show guests will enjoy the chance to win something. Not only do giveaways give consumers a chance at a prize, but they’re also the perfect way to increase your mailing list. The winner could get a free product or service or even a cash prize, and you’ll get a boost in brand awareness.

Give a Demonstration

The best way to market some products and services is through a live demonstration. You can walk users through scenarios where they’d use your product or show the product in use. A product demonstration aims to get trade show guests to stay at your booth and absorb more information.

A trade show can be an excellent opportunity to increase consumer awareness of your brand. Use the tips here to ensure your display doesn’t fade into the background.