3 Things You Need To Know About Restaurant Design

When you begin putting together a new restaurant, you will likely start with a concept for the restaurant, including what the establishment will focus on gastronomically. After this choice, you will next think about the restaurant’s design. Devising a complex space like this demands knowledge of all the different kinds of work undertaken by all restaurant staff, the movement of customers and staff throughout the rooms, the dining area itself and much more. Understanding three significant parts of restaurant design can help make the planning process lead to a more successful eatery establishment.

1. Traffic Flow

You will need to consider how patrons will enter and move through the space. In addition, making sure all ADA rules for accessibility get followed is mandatory. Because many find understanding the laws challenging, remember that when coming up with your floor plan, a design build contractor Sacramento CA professional can offer advice and help guide you through the process, greatly simplifying this critical task. Additionally, staff must also interact with patrons and move from the front of the house to the dining and bar areas and then back to the kitchen and work areas. This movement needs careful planning to ensure adequate space for each activity gets included in the final design. Moreover, the size and shape of the restaurant’s building will determine some of these choices. 

2. Restroom Design

Your restaurant patrons will remember the restrooms, and these heavily used areas need appropriate consideration. Primary importance to ensuring accessibility to door handles, soap and towel dispensers, sinks and toilets for those with ADA needs will help all customers enjoy visiting your restaurant.

3. Lighting Placement

Having adequate lighting helps make the space inviting for guests and safe for patrons and staff to work. Task lighting might differ from dining room ambient lighting, so these will also need planning.

Opening a new restaurant can offer an exciting experience for all concerned. Furthermore, the outcome results in a new eatery that can provide a fresh spark of energy and a hub of activity to the neighborhood in which it resides.