3 Things To Consider When Reopening Your Store During the Covid-19 Era

Many states have granted permission for places to once again perform business; however, with that allowance also comes a responsibility. Proprietors are now responsible for thinking about the health and safety of their customers and staff. New regulations are in place, asking owners to re-evaluate operations, making changes as necessary to secure the facility.

1. Are You Allowing for Social Distancing?

The CDC encourages people to stay at least six feet apart to prevent the spread of germs. That can be hard to accomplish when people are trying to check out merchandise. Instill the importance of this in your employees and then set up reminders throughout the building. Place signs in prominent places, particularly heavily frequented sections. In areas where people wait for assistance, mark off the space using painters tape. These less evasive manners are gentle reminders that others can still shop while respecting guidelines.

2. Are You Ready To Handle New Cleaning Procedures?

Chances are you had a cleanup routine prior to the pandemic; however, it may require some revamping now. Sit down with the current CDC guidelines and state protocols. Design a clear checklist for everyone to use each night. You may even want to shut down an hour early to allow for the additional work. All counters and doors should be wiped, so stock up on cleaner and janitorial cleaning rags. You don’t want to run out of either. Consider purchasing air purifiers for the HVAC system or for rooms used frequently or for longer periods of time. In addition, anything that may have been handled a lot should be scrubbed before being placed back out for the next day.

3. Are Your Safeguarding Staff and Customers?

During certain points, the six feet rule just won’t work. How do you plan to handle those moments? Are employees going to wear a mask? Do shoppers adorn one too? You may want to encourage the action even if it’s not required. In addition, consider putting up a Plexiglas barrier at the purchase stations. Touchless checkouts are also an option to reduce interaction and speed up the face-to-face contact. You want to focus on minimizing exposure levels. That means moving through things as quickly as possible with little air distribution.

The world is different right now. To keep the doors open, it’s not just about product. It’s also about protection, so focus on what you as the owner can do to make others comfortable.