3 Important Facts about Mobile Commerce Conversion Rates

smartphone569515_640Mobile commerce is growing at a higher rate than the eCommerce, which is a result of the increasing popularity of mobile devices. However, mobile commerce is still far from exceeding desktop purchases. The following facts describe the condition of mobile commerce in 2014:

Tablet conversion rates are lower than desktop conversion rates

Even the biggest enthusiasts of mobile commerce have to admit that tablet conversion rates are still lower than desktop conversion rates. Tablet conversion rates vary between 1.60% and 3.60%. Compared to desktops, tablet conversion rates are lower by an average 10%, although the actual difference depends on the type of industry. It is also a well known fact that users often switch between devices – they research products on smartphones or tablets, but they make purchases on laptops or desktop computers.

Smartphone conversion rates are the lowest

Smartphone conversion rates are typically one third or one fourth of tablet conversion rates and they are falling far behind desktop conversion rates. It seems that customers prefer to purchase products on devices with larger screen size, but low conversion rates for smartphones can also result from badly designed eCommerce websites. The improvement of Magento eCommerce web design could significantly improve conversion rates for both tablets and smartphones.

Mobile users prefer certain types of industries

The research studies show that mobile users are more eager to buy food and drugs on their mobile devices (3.65% conversion rates), while they prefer to buy other goods, such as jewelry (1.67%) on desktop devices. It seems that the more expensive the product, the less the customer is eager to buy it on mobile devices: among the industries with the lowest tablet conversion rates are also computers, electronics, automotive parts and home furnishings. Another possible reason for this preference is better adjustment of certain industries to eCommerce and in result, also to mobile commerce – books, music, toys and apparel/ accessories are among the most often purchased eCommerce goods.