What is Marketing Communications

The term ‘marketing communication’ speaks directly to the heart of marketing as a science. Marketing communication identifies at least four distinct marketing functions and studies them at length to form a composite picture of both the marketplace and the consumer.

Basically, it is all about sending messages out to the customer and analysing the responses. This, in turn, allows sellers and buyers to interact more effectively, creating greater profits as well as a higher degree of customer satisfaction. Other marketing functions, such as product development, packaging and pricing, are not identified as marketing communications.

The four identified forms of marketing communication are:

1)      Sales – Here we look at the interaction between buyer and seller, seller and buyer. In the most basic sense, this function is achieved if the salesperson helps you to make a purchase by starting a conversation with you, making a recommendation or answering your questions. This is also achieved via email messages exchanged between seller and buyer on online sites such as eBay.

2)      Advertising – Caught somewhere between propaganda and fine art, advertising is a science/art form entirely unto itself. Entire libraries have been written on the subject and yet still new and innovative (and occasionally invasive) advertising methods are currently being dreamed up in boardrooms around the world. As a form of communication, advertising addresses the buyer via interpolation; attempting to win him/her over, usually with a combination of lifestyle promise, fancy graphics and sex appeal (although not always). Advertising is carefully considered, even though it is a one-sided form of communication initially; the sales figures for the products themselves usually define the perceived customer response.

3)      Public Relations (or ‘PR’) – This is the act of addressing potential customers as well as existing customers. Building good PR is becoming more and more important to modern companies. Donating money to charity, ensuring that your products are ethically sound, or taking care of your employees in a positive and supporting way are all proven (and effective) forms of PR. Profits from PR are usually implied, as PR exercises typically cost money and bring in little, if any, revenue in the short term. However, once again, sales figures will constitute a consumer response. PR is also a direct way to reach the customer, demonstrating that your company is concerned with the same issues as they are. In the world of ‘ethical consumption’ that we live in today, PR is an especially important form of marketing communication.

4)      Customer Service – Although it often feels like a lost art these days, customer service is a vital pillar of any business’ ultimate success or failure. Customer service, as the name implies, indicates that your company is serving the customer. Think of it this way, if you were in a restaurant with a snarky, abusive waiter, would you think twice about visiting that restaurant again? However, if you were in a restaurant offering quality, efficient and friendly service, would you be more likely to eat there again? This function overlaps somewhat with Sales, but it also includes unique functions such as dealing with angry customers and fostering loyalty among buyers.

So, to sum up, marketing communication occurs whenever the seller addresses or interacts with the buyer, or vice versa. Any time any of the above functions are, um, functioning, you’ve got marketing communications going on.


Domain Name as Marketing Tool

What’s in a name? More than you might think. The following are important considerations when choosing a domain name:

• WHOIS database listing. When you register a domain name, the registrar is required to submit your personal information such as name, address and phone number to the WHOIS database. The public can then check WHOIS listings. You can choose to leave your listing public, make it private or purchase a business listing. Public listings not only include your personal information but also your email address, the domain expiration date, the host name and website hosting IP address. Private listings can be purchased through a third party who then becomes your proxy. Anyone searching will see the third party’s information, not yours. The business listing can be used as an effective advertising tool. Your listing includes the same information as your public listing but is much snazzier. It also includes a description of your business and can include operating hours, a listing of products and services, and even special offers.
• Branding. When you’re considering what domain name to use, make sure your domain name and your brand name match. If they don’t, customers can easily become confused which puts you at risk for losing sales. Keep your domain name as short and sweet as possible. Don’t opt for a weird or unusual spelling because people will never be able to find your site. If the name you really want is missing, consider a shortened version of your brand name. Your best bet is to use a domain name with only one possible spelling.
• Extensions. While it’s tempting to use a .net extension to get a domain name that’s not available with a .com extension, don’t. You’re much better off choosing an alternate name and sticking with .com because people will almost always assume that’s what it is, anyway.

Keeping these things in mind will help ensure you choose a domain name that will for you as both a brand and a marketing tool.

Motorola 2 way radio earpiece, the best way to receive quality sound

For most people, clarity of sound when using their radios is very important. Only through clear sound will you be able to receive and understand the message being conveyed. For proper sound, you might consider using a good set of earpiece. Motorola radio earpiece is the ear piece to go for. This earpiece has been made using the latest technology to ensure you enjoy top quality sound. Additionally, the huge popularity of the gadget is more than enough proof of its reliability and exceptional performance.

How to choose the ideal earpiece

There are numerous brands of earpiece flooding the market. This makes it hard trying to choose the best earpiece. However, it is very much possible settling for the best. This is possible only if you put a few factors into consideration. Some of the things to note include:
• Cost. You certainly do not expect to spend a lot on this gadget. As much as you do not want to spend much, it is important that you consider the price. Ensure that you go for something that has a reasonable price. This will ensure that you get what you are looking for plus full value for your money.
• Quality. Price will certainly dictate quality. Quality earpieces produce clear sound. Additionally, quality means that the earpieces are durable and can endure any type of conditions.
• Brand name. The brand name on the earpiece is also very important. Therefore, ensure that you only go for a gadget that has been manufactured by an experienced company.
• Reviews. You might want to seek the opinion of people who have used the brand that you want to go for. This will ensure that you get an overview of the product you want to purchase.
Motorola radio earpiece will definitely meet and surpass the requirements of any customer.
Why you need to chose Motorola radio earpiece
By choosing the earpiece from technology giants Motorola, you are assured of leaping numerous benefits. Additionally, the fact that the earpiece is widely used is more than enough proof of its reliability. The gadget has also undergone testing and has been proven fit for use. Some of the advantages of choosing Motorola earpiece are:
• Affordable. This gadget is offered at a very pocket friendly price. This is meant to ensure that anyone despite class or status can afford to receive the best sound from their radios.
• Quality. This is a high quality gadget that gives an outstanding performance. The sound produced is of high quality and crystal clear. This does not pose a threat to the well being of your ears. This makes the earpiece very reliable.
• Durability. The material used in manufacturing the earpiece will ensure that it serves you for long. Additionally, the earpiece is able to withstand any condition without wearing out.
• Widely used. The wide use of this radio earpiece is more than enough assurance that you are purchasing a high quality product.
• Ideal for privacy. At times you might require taking a message discreetly. The Motorola radio earpiece will ensure that you receive the message in a clear manner.
• Striking features. The 3.5 mm jack makes it possible for you to use the earpiece with different gadgets. The earpiece is also built to enhance comfort while using it. It is compatible with: DP2400, DP3400, GP340 and CP040.

Where to purchase the earpiece

With the rise in counterfeit products, it is surely a hard task finding original products. Therefore, ensure you exercise a lot of caution when shopping for the gadget. This is a move bent at ensuring you do not make a purchase that you will later regret. Beware of con artists who are out there to make a kill out of your hard earned cash. Ensure you only purchase this gadget from a trusted dealer. Additionally, the earpiece is available in various online stores. Also, ensure you purchase from a reputable online store. This will ensure that you only purchase an original product that will diligently serve you.


It is time you received messages with a lot of clarity. This is only possible if you choose the appropriate set of earpiece. If you were wondering the ideal type of earpiece to go for, you now know better. Motorola 2 way radio earpiece is surely the choice to make.

The Many Advantages of On-Site Computer Repair

Whether you are using your computer for personal, work or for entertainment, there are still important files and documents in store and you want your computer to be complete repaired instead of having to buy a new one. If ever you encounter problems, you would want to have your computer repaired right away. However, there are cases wherein instead of expecting good repairs from computer repair shops, the computer ends up having more problems.

So in finally deciding to allow a technician to repair your computer, will you go for off-site or on-site computer repair? Due to the nature of service provided, there are technicians who provide onsite computer repair service. At least, you do not have to go to the shop just to take your computer. But apart from the convenience, what are the other advantages of onsite computer repair. Among clients, onsite computer repair is the better choice.

Open Communication with the Technician

If you take your computer to the any repair shop, you will have to talk to technician for a few minutes before he finally starts to do the repair work. You will just have to come back in a few hours or days depending on the type of repair work that needs to be done.

With onsite computer repair, you can directly ask the technician if you want questions. If the specialist needs certain details, you can easily respond. This makes the whole repair process easier and faster. Unlike if the repair is done offsite, if the technician needs details, he will have to take time to contact you.

Having your computer repaired onsite allows you to clearly assess the technician. If you see something wrong with the way he is handling your computer then you can easily point it out.

See the Actual Repair Work

Some clients really prefer to have onsite computer repair as they can see the actual repair work. Unfortunately, some might fear that there are cases where in certain parts or components of the computer are removed. To avoid having this kind of problem, you might as well have the work onsite. In that way, you can see for yourself how things are done. But just make sure that you allow the technician to do what he needs to do.

Feel More At Ease

Even if the technician is an expert, you cannot help but think if he can deliver and make the necessary repairs for your computer. If you decide to take your computer to the repair shop, you might end up worrying as to whether the computer is already fixed. There are already cases wherein computers end up having more problems after undergoing repairs and changes. But if the technician is doing the work onsite, you feel more at ease. You are more comfortable since you can see everything. After the repair work is done, you can test for yourself as to whether everything is working well. There is no need for you to go back again and again if you notice that there are still problems with your computer.

Getting good deals on web hosting

Whenever I surf the Web, I often encounter the offers of various web hosting companies telling me that they would like to host my website. It is true that web hosting companies offer people a wide array of choices when it comes to web hosting and it really pays to know which of those companies offer absolutely the best deals on the market.

In this post, I would like to offer you a few tips that can make your choice when it comes to choosing your perfect web hosting company a lot easier. I am also going to talk a little about hostgator discounts as well as shed some light on the importance of various coupon codes and vouchers that can make their offer a lot more attractive.

If you are planning to opt for a hosting provider, look for a company that has been in business for many years. Every year matters in the web hosting business. The longer a company is on the market, the better the chances that you will get better deals on your hosting and the bigger the chances that you will find somebody reliable and trustworthy.

Always choose a company that guarantees a 99.99% uptime and a 30 day money back guarantee. You need to have this guarantee in order to feel safer. For those who are on a budget, cheap packages might sound tempting. In most cases, even the cheapest package is a package that can be good enough to offer good web hosting. If you need something more than that, you will need to look for more advanced offers for your website.

Next thing to keep in mind is support. Opt for those companies that can offer you 24/7 technical support and daily/weekly site backup among other things. A good web hosting company can offer them as well so that you can contact them whenever you need their help.